Monday, February 16, 2004

Paris Hilton Video Gone Wild 

AVN :: Articles - 'Owner' of Rights to Paris Hilton Video Talks: "As Howard Stern announced Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, there�s a new and improved version of the infamous amateur porn tape starring Rick Solomon and Paris Hilton in circulation. The 38-minute video ends with Hilton performing oral sex on Solomon in a full-color static profile shot of a five-minute long scene.
A man who identified himself as the owner of the rights to the video provided AVN.com with a password to unlock the Windows Media encryption that protects the video. �Mike� was the name assigned the man claiming to own the rights by Howard Stern�s staff � not one that the man chose to be identified by. He declined to give his real name or even to choose a pseudonym.
In fact, as with Stern, there was little information that the owner of the rights could provide. He refused to comment on the following: the amount he paid for the video; if he paid for the video; if royalties were involved; how he obtained the rights; if it were Solomon, Hilton, or both who offered him the video; if he had a background in adult; where he was from; or where he lives � though for the moment he is in Europe. "

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Paris Hilton on the OC 

TEENTELEVISION.COM - News: "Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has signed up for a guest-staring role in a hit American TV sitcom executive-produced by Sandra Bullock.
The blonde beauty, who recently scored a reality TV hit with The Simple Life, has filmed a guest spot in George Lopez - and the comedian who stars in the eponymous show was highly impressed with her skills.
Lopez says, 'It's very sweet because she's so natural that it fits right into what she's doing.'
Paris adds, 'I used to be nervous but I feel like I'm good at it now!'
Hilton recently appeared in James Caan's new series Las Vegas and has just finished filming an episode of drama The OC. "

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