Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Paris Hilton - There's Just Something About Her 

The Exponent - columns: "'What�s Wal-Mart? Do they sell walls there?' asks Paris Hilton.

Don�t blame her. She�s been on a farm for six weeks.

Paris Hilton, the daughter of hotel mogul Conrad Hilton, has her French-tipped nails tightly clenched around the nation, and she�s not letting go. This spindly waif of a woman has partied her way into our hearts and minds (the part of your mind that is required to think about sex every 10 seconds), and now she has taken the world by storm.

A trophy wife in training, she has proven once again that you can get TV land to fall in love with you if you�re skinny, young and rich.

Not since Elian, the Cuban refugee, have we seen a person become this famous who�s never held a real job-type job. But even Elian didn�t get his own reality series (I heard a 'Whose Raft is it Anyway?' comedy hour was in the works, but they couldn�t land Paul Rodriguez to play Fidel Castro). Does she qualify for unemployment benefits?"

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