Monday, August 09, 2004

Paris Hilton's video tapes stolen in burglary 

Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton's video tapes stolen in burglary: "Thieves raided the three-bedroom house, which the hotel heiress shares with sister Nicky, at around 9pm on Wednesday (04.08.04), taking $100,000 worth of designer jewellery and a laptop computer.
Neither girl was at home during the time of the break-in. Paris, 24, said: 'They took all my valuables, my jewellery and my money*.
But I can't really talk that much about it. The police are handling it right now.'
Police believe the intruders got in by cutting a window screen on the side of the house and it was 19-year-old Nicky who returned to the home to find it had been broken into.
Other items that were reported missing included several of Nicky's designer handbags, a collection of watches and a selection of videotapes. "

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