Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Paris Hilton In Simple Life 3 

CNN.com - Paris packs her bags for 'Simple Life 3' - Oct 26, 2004: "Two rich blond women and three dogs will board a Greyhound bus on Wednesday -- with dozens of cameramen, makeup artists and hangers-on in hot pursuit -- as a new installment of the reality TV show 'The Simple Life' starts filming.
The stars of the show, heiress Paris Hilton and her best friend Nicole Richie, said they planned to spend the eve of their departure packing -- nine suitcases for Hilton and six for Richie.
'I never end up wearing even half the things I bring, but it's always good to have a selection. You never know where we're going or what the weather's going to be like,' Hilton said."

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