Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Paris Hilton Settles Jewelry Lawsuit 

CJ - Paris Hilton Settles Jewelry Lawsuit: "Paris Hilton settled a bitter lawsuit and only 'CJ' has the inside story. The case, which started in March 2003, concerns Hollywood�s biggest night -- the Oscars.

According to documents obtained by 'CJ,' Hilton borrowed four pieces of jewels for the occasion, worth $159,800, from a New York jeweler named Kwiat. But Hilton never returned the jewels, starting a nasty 'he said - she said' lawsuit.

Hilton admitted she lost the jewels, but the court papers say it wasn't her fault. While diamonds may be a girl�s best friend, Hilton�s lawyers argued these pricey jewels were not well made, saying: 'She noticed that the clasp was defective and that the bracelet was in fact falling off her wrist. It once fell to the ground.' "

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