Friday, December 26, 2003

Party Girls Keep It Going - Paris and Nicole Hilton 

Herald Sun: Party animals keep gossip mill turning [27dec03]: "
Party animals keep gossip mill turning

IT was a big year in gossip. LUKE DENNEHY highlights some of the juicier moments and hands out some awards.

THE Hilton sisters: no one could have expected the reaction when American socialite sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton arrived in Melbourne for the Spring Racing Carnival.
The two, aged 22 and 20, were virtual unknowns to Melburnians, but that all changed after the races.
Paris caused a storm, partying every night while here at clubs including Boutique, Bond Bar and Q Bar.
She often stumbled out after 3am, only a few hours before she was expected at Flemington for her duties in the Birdcage.

Her parents told her she wasn't allowed to be photographed drinking, so at one bar she lined up a number of shots and drank them one after the other, so she didn't have a drink in her hand.
While the Hilton girls were in town the call was put out to footballers they were looking to sample the local men � but it wasn't a footballer who captured Paris's attention.
She met Australian Idol finalist Rob Mills at The Matrix Reloaded premiere in Sydney and the two had a good old-fashioned holiday fling.
Millsy, as he is affectionately known, still keeps in contact with her.
During her visit her now infamous porn tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon was released to the world."

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2003 Television Review - Yes, Paris Hilton is Included 

STLtoday - Entertainment: "Television took us into the bathroom with MTV newlywed Jessica Simpson, into the barn with celebutantes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and into the shower with the hapless straight guys of 'Queer Eye.' In tragedy (the loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew) and comedy ('Trista & Ryan's Wedding'), TV offered unblinking views of reality - or some version thereof. "

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