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Paris shows she's not shy (December 11, 2003) 

NEWS.com.au | Entertainment | Paris shows she's not shy (December 11, 2003): "Paris shows she's not shy
By Toby Forage
December 11, 2003

PARIS HILTON has proved she is far from shy about her boudoir behaviour, filling a recent guest spot on Saturday Night Live with raunchy sexual innuendo.

Paris lip: Paris showed her cheeky side.

Appearing on the Weekend Update segment of the American TV classic - a mock news bulletin with regular cast member Jimmy Fallon - Paris made several cheeky references to her 'reputation', evidence of which has aired on a few computer screens of late thanks to some nifty amateur camera work.
'So, there really is a Paris Hilton,' Fallon said as the pair came back from a clip.
'Yes there is,' Paris replied, flashing Fallon a coy, sideways glance.
After saying he'd like to 'check in to the Paris Hilton', Fallon then asked: 'Is it easy to get into?'
Paris - looking every inch the fantasy newscaster babe in a sexy pink suit - raised the bar but lowered the tone when Fallon asked her about 'space available' and whether he 'would fit in'.
'It might be a bit roomy for, you but for others it's pretty comfortable,' she quipped, which brought raucous laughter from both the studio audience and Fallon alike.
Paris' more legitimate television offering, The Simple Life, debuted in American homes this week in a big way.
More than 13 million people across America tuned in to see the reality-style show that documents a month in the 21-year-old's life posted on an Arkansas farm with pal Nicole Richie, daughter of former Commodores singer Lionel.
However, the show didn't win its primetime slot, beaten by Navy legal drama JAG, which pulled in 1 million more viewers.

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Porn pays off for Paris Hilton  

Herald Sun: Porn pays off for Paris Hilton [11dec03]: "Porn pays off for Paris Hilton


WHO said porn was a career killer? The suddenly everywhere Paris Hilton is about to become even more omnipresent, reports The New York Post.

Fox is so happy with the runaway success of Hilton's riches-to-rags reality TV show The Simple Life, it's now in talks with her to star in another reality show. Word is Hilton - who became the talk of the town after a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend surfaced - could get up to $US3 million for her next TV foray, but that her comedic costar Nicole Richie is not included.
A family friend said: 'The negotiations have just started. Fox always had a first-look option with Paris for another show and they are picking it up.'
Meanwhile, The Simple Life is so popular (13 million people tuned in), Fox scrounged up some outtakes and has put together a sixth 'bonus' episode to air Dec. 17. "

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