Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Paris Hilton Does Dallas...Correction... Vegas 

Extratv.com : Paris Hilton: "Paris Hilton is returning to TV in the big city. After finally bidding a fond farewell to 'The Simple Life,' the celebrated party girl hits the jackpot when she guest stars on Monday's episode of 'Las Vegas.'
But Hilton finds herself in a nasty love triangle with fellow guest star Brian Austin Green and casino vixen Vanessa Marcil, a real-life couple who met on the set of 'Beverly Hills 90210.'

Marcil says, 'My character is really upset because this guy she slept with, she finds out that he is engaged to Paris.'

The big role gives Hilton another chance to hook up with series heartthrob Josh Duhamel. Hilton had a small part in Duhamel´┐Żs movie, 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,' but the clip somehow ended up on the cutting room floor.

Duhamel says, 'She did a whole scene where she parachuted into the pool. I thought she was a very sweet girl. She gets a bad rap, but she is a sweetheart.' "

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Paris Hilton Video - Two Thumbs Up! 

Boxing Scene Dot Com - The Shoot: Maskaev, Randall, Paris Hilton, Bush: "Finished watching the Paris Hilton tape and I must give it two thumbs up. I decided that my grandfather should watch it during Thanksgiving and he said that watching that tape was better for his sex drive then a month supply of Viagra. The best part of the tape is when the boyfriend got her in a doggystyle position and Paris' cell rings. She runs to get her cell and her boytoy is standing there with this hardon crying 'fuck the phone!' "

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