Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Paris Hilton's Sister Getting An Annulment? 

undefined: "Hilton, 21, and Meister, 33, tied the knot at a Las Vegas wedding ceremony on Aug. 15.

But Us Weekly said Hilton was seen at a political fund-raiser and a nightclub earlier this month without her wedding band and that the couple actually split several weeks ago.

'They're working on an annulment,' the magazine quoted one unnamed source as saying. 'Nicky and Todd remain the best of friends, but she is 21, and it's just not the right time in her life for her to be married. He lives in New York; she's in L.A.'"

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Paris Hilton Sex Tape And Phenomenon Analyzed 

Paris Hilton essay - The Simple Life and the sex tape: "Analyzing the Paris Hilton sex tape/reality TV phenomenon
I used to hear about Paris Hilton fleetingly. She was at this premiere, or that event. Someone got a picture of her. But since she wasn�t actually in the industry, I never paid much attention. She didn�t act, she didn�t even model. She was just somebody�s daughter.
Now, of course, she�s the biggest news of anything. I actually saw her sex video because a publicist e-mailed it to me. You�ve got to love an industry where passing around pornography is considered research. And it legitimately is, because I would be terribly uninformed if I hadn�t seen the Paris Hilton sex tape.
The two and a half minute clip the made it online was an interesting sociological phenomenon. Some people worried that it showed a form of date rape, that Hilton was too out of it to really be consenting to sexual intercourse. "

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