Friday, January 02, 2004

Keep Paris Hilton Coming (har har) 

Metromix.com: Stretching reality's run: "Network TV executives covet tidiness and reliability. Is the new Fox reality show, 'The Simple Life'--which chronicles the adventures of Beverly Hills rich girls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie trying to cope with life on an Arkansas farm--a sustainable series or a one-hit wonder?

'The Simple Life' is a fusion of the oldest and newest genres on television (sitcom and reality) and incorporates one of TV's most hackneyed tropes ('fish out of water'). But together, these have added up to something new and unexpected, and Fox might have one of the biggest hits of the 2003-04 season on its hands, averaging 12 million viewers in the first three episodes.

If 'The Simple Life' equation sounds simple, then think again. Fox executives are in negotiations with the stars and producers Bunim/Murray for a second season. But a huge question mark hangs over these negotiations. No one knows for certain whether a second edition would work or even whether the currently hot Paris/Nicole team would enter a deep freeze a year from now, if not sooner.

'I equate this to a big movie and sometimes you do 'Godfather' and then 'Godfather II' and it's great, and other times you do 'Speed' and then 'Speed 2' and it ain't so great,' says Mike Darnell, Fox's executive vice president of alternative series and specials and the man behind dozens of instant reality hits and misses for the network. 'But, obviously, ['Simple Life'] is a big hit, so it's incumbent on us to say, can we continue it?'

Nevertheless, assuming he and 'Simple Life' co-creator Mary-Ellis Bunim come to terms with Fox, Jonathan Murray says in a second season, 'Paris and Nicole have to be fish out of water--but in another "

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Paris Hilton hates you! 

Las Vegas Mercury: Idiot Box Savant: Rich people hate you!: "It's a new year, a time for reflection and self-renewal. How can I become a better person? How can I contribute to society in a more positive way? Why am I here? Do I have a larger purpose in life? Oh, the questions a skull-hammering Crown Royal-and-Coke hangover inspire. More bottled water, please. Don't slip! Yes, that's my puddle of steaming glurge.
Anyway, in my ongoing studies of the species richicus bitchitus, I've been watching a couple of shows pretty regularly, MTV's 'Rich Girls' and Fox's 'The Simple Life.' Yeah, that's the one with Paris Hilton. Which reminds me: Seen the video yet? It's lame. Between the splinter cell night vision goggle effect and Hilton's famine-chic frame, it basically looks like some lucky guy's nailing the walking stick mother alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In 'The Simple Life,' (Fox, Tuesdays, 8:30) she and her rich girlfriend, Nicole Richie--daughter of the man who inspired millions to dance on the ceiling, Lionel Richie--are sentenced to live and work on a farm with the Leding family in Altus, Ark., a real-deal agrarian clan who drive tractors to one-room schools and eat their mashed potatoes with pitchforks. "

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