Friday, January 02, 2004

Paris Hilton hates you! 

Las Vegas Mercury: Idiot Box Savant: Rich people hate you!: "It's a new year, a time for reflection and self-renewal. How can I become a better person? How can I contribute to society in a more positive way? Why am I here? Do I have a larger purpose in life? Oh, the questions a skull-hammering Crown Royal-and-Coke hangover inspire. More bottled water, please. Don't slip! Yes, that's my puddle of steaming glurge.
Anyway, in my ongoing studies of the species richicus bitchitus, I've been watching a couple of shows pretty regularly, MTV's 'Rich Girls' and Fox's 'The Simple Life.' Yeah, that's the one with Paris Hilton. Which reminds me: Seen the video yet? It's lame. Between the splinter cell night vision goggle effect and Hilton's famine-chic frame, it basically looks like some lucky guy's nailing the walking stick mother alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In 'The Simple Life,' (Fox, Tuesdays, 8:30) she and her rich girlfriend, Nicole Richie--daughter of the man who inspired millions to dance on the ceiling, Lionel Richie--are sentenced to live and work on a farm with the Leding family in Altus, Ark., a real-deal agrarian clan who drive tractors to one-room schools and eat their mashed potatoes with pitchforks. "

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