Friday, March 05, 2004

Paris Hilton Goes Swimming...By Accident 

Webindia123.com: "Hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton faced great embarrassment when she gate crashed a pre-Oscar bash and fell into a pool.
The reality TV star had come to attend the Lord Of The Rings pre- Academy Awards dinner at New Line Cinema boss Bob Shaye's hilltop estate in Beverly Hills, California.
According to imdb.com, Hilton fell into a Japanese pool carpeted in rose blossoms. After climbing out, she lamented 'Why does he have a pool there?'
Hilton, who hit the headlines last year through a Internet expose of her having sex with former beau Rick Solomon, however, managed to avoid damaging her glitzy outfit.
She was later overheard telling her sister, Nicky, about the embarrassing incident over the phone.
A bemused Shaye was more baffled by Hilton's attendance. 'She wasn't even invited,' he was quoted, as saying. (ANI) "

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