Sunday, October 31, 2004

Paris Hilton Not Banging Anyone Famous? 

The Australian Times, Australia's favourite news source, NEWS SATIRE, ABC News online - not here: "With rumours about her alleged relationship with Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis quashed it appears as if there are no famous beaus in the life of Paris Hilton.
'I am not seeing anyone, certainly not Paris Hilton,' Philippoussis said, claiming he is still getting over the shock of having sex with palliative care patient Delta Goodrem.
Tennis web forums have described Ms Hilton as a 'slut', and a 'cheap ho'.
Jason Rowles, 18, of Sydney said: 'I might give her a call.'
His friend Marcos Bright said he would too.
'Fuck off,' Rowles said. 'I saw the bitch first. You thought Hilton was like a hotel down in the CBD or something.'
Rowles said he would like to 'give her a doggie', while Rowles said he wanted to 'get her on top to ride him like a cowboy'.
Both men conceded there was probably little chance Hilton would consider either of them.
'But if I traded the Lancer in on a XR6 I reckon I would be a show,' Rowles said. "

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