Friday, March 19, 2004

Paris Hilton Best Celebrity DJ 

The Miami Herald | 03/19/2004 | Paris is abloom -- musically, stylishly: "The Winter Music Conference was nothing short of audio dynamite, especially the DanceStar Awards at Bayfront Park where Paris Hilton won the award for best celebrity DJ, beating out legit DJs such as Rosanna Arquette, Cameron Douglas and Adrien Brody, where locals like Party 93.1's (WPYM-FM) ubiquitous party dude Buster, Ingrid Casares and, yes, we kid you not, '' the Skybar girls,'' presented awards alongside of, again, legit DJs and talent as if it were no big deal.
Besides the amusing celebrity DJ award, our favorite moments were the opening with Perry Farrell, Moby, Paul Van Dyk and our very own Elaine Lancaster getting down to the remade, remixed Lou Reed classic Walk on the Wild Side; NYC drag diva Lady Bunny making fun of Paris Hilton (as opposed to co-hostess Carmen Electra gushing over how hot she was) and the trippy Blue Man Group pounding away at their own version of the Donna Summer classic I Feel Love"

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