Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Paris Hilton masters the art of getting free make-ups! 

Paris Hilton masters the art of getting free make-ups!: "It seems fashion show makeup artists and hairdressers are so enamoured by socialite Paris Hilton's aura that they start doing her makeup as soon as she comes backstage, without even conforming whether she is a part of the show or not.

Recently, Hilton popped backstage at the Lacoste fashion show with sister Nicky and Bijou Phillips, where the show's hairstylists and makeup artists quickly performed their magic, prepping the beauty for the show, only to find that she wasn't a part of it.

According to the New York Daily News, the three, after getting their hair and face done exactly as they wanted, went out and sat in the front row for the show, where Hilton couldn't stop chatting.

'Can you believe them? They're sitting in the front row and they're not even paying attention,' the report quoted an eyewitness as saying."

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