Thursday, January 15, 2004

Paris Hilton Sweeps The Sweeps 

TheStar.com - Sweeps offer a few treats: "THEIR SIMPLE LIVES: They were born rich, and they've become famous for, well, mostly just for being rich and famous. And now they're taking over TV.
Paris Hilton continues to be flavour of the month, now spinning the notoriety gained from Fox's The Simple Life, her much-downloaded sex tape and years' worth of party-girl photo-op shenanigans into a guest role on Las Vegas, one of the few breakout shows of the NBC season. She plays a bisexual 'gold-digger' on the Feb. 2 episode."

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Paris Hilton Going To Change? 

The Telegraph - Calcutta : At Leisure: "Paris Hilton, the 22-year-old socialite whose unclothed exploits made headlines last year, found new, fully-dressed fame yesterday.
The hotel heiress was named worst dressed woman of 2003 by Blackwell, Hollywood�s self-appointed fashion guru, topping a list that included singers Britney Spears, Madonna, Shania Twain and Courtney Love.
On the opposite end of Blackwell�s sharp tongue were the �fabulous fashion independents� of 2003, led by actresses Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Diane Lane and Salma Hayek, and talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey.
Hilton leapt from minor socialite to most-talked about Internet celebrity late last year courtesy of a private video tape showing her having sex with her one-time boyfriend Rick Salomon. "

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