Thursday, October 28, 2004

Paris Hilton Passed Around By Pro Tennis Players 

Roddick, Philippoussis Trade Strokes with Paris Hilton
So Mark Philippoussis was partying with Paris Hilton, who then shot her mouth off about her "new man," which got Flipper in hot water with the Aussie media and girlfriend Delta Goodrem, who it turns out he had already broken up with, but then Paris was reportedly seen kissing Andy Roddick at a club in Las Vegas.

Who says interest in tennis ends after the US Open?

Now can we hear a little something-something from Roddick's current (ex?) girlfriend, model Lauren Bedford to juice up the pot?

And how's that Lleyton Hewitt and Kim Clisters situation going, with Lleyton continent-hopping to relieve his angst after getting dumped over the phone by "Aussie Kim," who probably won't get the warmest of welcomes at the Australian Open in January? And you thought Hewitt was wound up tight before, wait until he posts in Paris next week, or steps in front of the media microphone at the Masters Cup next month. And how's that ranting going on your website Kim, is feeding the media with long diatribes helping your cause to be left alone?

Fueling the fire even more on the Philippoussis-Goodrem-Hilton triumvirate, here's Flipper's crazy-tennis-dad Nick talking to the newspaper The Australian about the girlfriend flap: "Things weren't working out well (with Delta)...What has he done (wrong)? Did Mark kill anybody? Did he rape anybody? They were not married, they weren't even engaged. I'm trying to understand what's the problem? Mark made a decision. His tennis has been going down the gurgler for the past 10 months and he decided to change things. Mark decided, 'Let's go ahead with my tennis and make that the priority.' What's wrong with that? Mother Delta and Co. are trying to make him into someone who's done something wrong. And what is the problem with Mark if he goes out with anybody? He can go out with whoever he wants to. He's 27 years old, he doesn't have to get my permission or anyone else's."

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