Monday, February 16, 2004

Paris Hilton Video Gone Wild 

AVN :: Articles - 'Owner' of Rights to Paris Hilton Video Talks: "As Howard Stern announced Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, there�s a new and improved version of the infamous amateur porn tape starring Rick Solomon and Paris Hilton in circulation. The 38-minute video ends with Hilton performing oral sex on Solomon in a full-color static profile shot of a five-minute long scene.
A man who identified himself as the owner of the rights to the video provided AVN.com with a password to unlock the Windows Media encryption that protects the video. �Mike� was the name assigned the man claiming to own the rights by Howard Stern�s staff � not one that the man chose to be identified by. He declined to give his real name or even to choose a pseudonym.
In fact, as with Stern, there was little information that the owner of the rights could provide. He refused to comment on the following: the amount he paid for the video; if he paid for the video; if royalties were involved; how he obtained the rights; if it were Solomon, Hilton, or both who offered him the video; if he had a background in adult; where he was from; or where he lives � though for the moment he is in Europe. "

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