Thursday, September 30, 2004

Paris Hilton Sex Video Part 2 

HoustonChronicle.com - New Paris Hilton sex tape reportedly making the rounds: "Just when we thought we might have a few days free of Paris Hilton, more polluted flotsam washes up on the shores of our Gossip Compound. The newest bit of yuck has the tabs reporting that a new videotape has surfaced showing the celebutante having sex with various ex-boyfriends, including Nick Carter and Tommy Hilfiger model Jason Shaw. London tab News of the World claims it has obtained 11 minutes of the tape, which has an alarming 12 hours of footage -- enough to cause a veritable lobotomy to anyone who watches it.
Hilton rep Elliot Mintz tells the New York Post a bunch of tapes were taken last month, when Hilton's Hollywood Hills home was robbed. He warned that the Hiltons will sue anyone who tries to sell the tape. Still shell-shocked by images from Paris' first tape, we beseech whoever has the new one to burn it, for the good of the planet. "

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