Sunday, February 01, 2004

Paris Hilton on lookout for British man 

Ananova - Paris Hilton on lookout for British man: "Paris Hilton says she's on the lookout for a British boyfriend who can make her laugh.
The US star of the reality show The Simple Life also tells FHM she doesn't want to party any more.
The 22-year-old socialite has been romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio and Nic Cage in the past.
But she says British men are 'sweet', adding: 'There are lots of nice guys out there, they're so polite and I love the accent.
'Everyone has a chance, the most important thing is to make me laugh, because I really like to laugh.'
Paris recently worked in McDonald's for her reality show and says she learned a lot from the experience.
The Daily Mirror says she tells the magazine: 'It was really hard but good to do something I never get to do with my real life. I don't want to party any more.'"

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