Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Paris HIlton - Worst Media Event #8 

Worst 10 Media Events of 2003 - PopMatters | Features: "The Simple Life (Fox)
I couldn't really say it any better than Missy Elliot, who raps in 'Pass the Dutch': 'Bitches, I never wanna hang with bitches.' Fox's reality tv hit is another all time low that also happens to be relentlessly fun to watch. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie leave little wonder as to why people in the French Revolution chose beheading over dialogue with the decadently rich. Walking spiritual abortions, Paris and Nicole spend the series getting smacked in the face with their own condescension boomerangs or, on one occasion, fisting a cow for a fleeting shot at dead-end fame. This is complete, accidental brilliance, but still wretched. "

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