Friday, January 16, 2004

Paris Hilton Video Transcript 

Paris Hilton: Ahhh. Ahhh.

Rick Salomon: Ohhh. Ohhh.

TV in background: I'm sorry [inaudible].

[Sounds of ball slappage]

RS: Ohhh. Your pussy.


PH (looking at camera): Hi [giggles].

RS: What do you say? I can see it. Come here. Uhhhh.

PH: I don't wanna do it this way.

RS: How do you wanna do it?

PH: This way.

RS: You're not gonna be able to see it good from there.

PH: Yeah I can.

RS: Here.

[Phone ringing.]

PH (crawling leftward): Give me that phone.

RS: Fuck your phone [inaudible].

PH: [Giggle] I can't turn it off.

RS: Fuckin' broo[inaudible] ...

PH: It's fuckin' Fred ... [dismissive chuckle] ... mmmmhhmm.

RS: Turn the other way sweetie, so I can see my cock going in there ... ohhhh ... ohhh ... mmm-ohhhhhhh ... oooooh-ahhh. ohhhh, yeah. uhhhhh.

PH: Mmmmmm.

RS: You want it in there or just [inaudible; word has distinctive "oo" sound] ...

PH: Ohh-oooh-oooh ...

RS: Mmmmm.

PH: Ahh.

RS: Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh.

(Penis slips out of vagina)

RS: I want you to get on top of me, face that way. So I can see how pretty you are.

PH: Ehhh-uhhh ... Ahhh.

RS: So you get to see what I get to see.

PH: Ahh. Hahh... Haaaaah.

RS: Nuh-uh, you gotta go straight up.

PH: Hee ... mmm. Eohhh. Eohhh.

RS (grumbly): Ohhhhhhhh ... Oh, look at that ... Oohhhh.

PH: Ah. Ahh. Ahhhh.

------- cut to blowjob view -------

TV (in background): Yo honey's shot! Proud African black man motherFUCKer!

PH: Ohhh. Mmm. [Sluuurrrp]

TV: Shit! [Laughter]

PH: Mmmm-mmm ...

TV: Call me Steve!

PH: [Quick slurp]

TV: Call me Todd! What's in a mothafuckin' name? 'Cause blame will make you forget shit. That's alright Caucasians, yo time is coming. [Laughter]

PH: Mmm-mmm.

TV: Look around. We ain't gonna use no whips. We just gonna knock y'all the FUCK out! Bowwww! [Uproarious laughter]

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