Sunday, January 11, 2004

Paris Hilton Robbed! 

Hilton's jewellery heist! : HTTabloid.com: "Model Paris Hilton is a hassled woman these days after her precious jewels were knocked off from a friend's valet parked car.
According to a report in 'Star', Paris is now lashing out at a New York jeweler who accused her of borrowing a 160,000 dollar bracelet and refusing to return it.
Earlier this year Kwiat Inc. had slapped a suit against 'The Simple Life' star, demanding she either return the bracelet or pay the full price. The firm had lent her the jewels to wear to the Academy Awards on March 23.
However, the blonde heiress has now slapped a lawsuit of her own, claiming damages from Kwiat for 'negligence' and 'breach of contract.' She has also asked for 165,000 dollar compensation from the owners and parking valets at L.A. nightclub, The Lounge, where she last saw the dazzling bracelet.
Meanwhile, Paris alleges that since the bracelet had a defective clasp and kept falling off the night she wore it, she locked it in the glove compartment of her companion socialite Casey Johnson's car when she valet parked it.
However, much to her surprise, the next day, she found the bracelet missing when she went to retrieve it."

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