Sunday, January 11, 2004

Paris HIlton Keeping It Simple 

TheStar.com - Reality TV is best when it's simple: "This is, no doubt, why I � along with an average weekly audience of 12 million or so viewers � have succumbed to the dopey pleasures of The Simple Life. Like most, I probably wouldn't have given the runaway Fox hit a glance were it not for the well-timed Internet 'leak' of a certain, dimly lit amateur-porn video. But I've since become enamoured with the daily misadventures of poor little rich girls-turned-Arkansas farm bunnies Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
The overprivileged chums' hateful behaviour and blind willingness to embarrass themselves on camera for cheap laughs is as addictive as meth. Each week is a new low and further evidence that the fabulously wealthy can get away with behaviour that would land most of us plebes in court or under psychiatric care. For all the celebrity conquests, addictions and party-girl tabloid headlines the two have wracked up during their short lives, they've obviously been denied through their monied upbringings the basic social skills necessary for self-preservation in the real world. They're completely and unapologetically unemployable and anti-social; were Paris and Nicole not the Hilton heiress and Lionel Richie's daughter, respectively, they'd be lucky to cut it as squeegee kids. God love 'em, then, for turning such a lack of talent and ambition into successful careers. "

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