Monday, December 29, 2003

Warhol's art: making stars of people like Paris Hilton 

DenverPost.com - Reviews: "As I was reading Steven Watson's 'Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties,' Paris Hilton was dominating celebrity news with her underground sex video and above-ground reality show, 'Green Acres' update, 'The Simple Life.'
The pundits and columnists all were asking: Who was this beautiful but trashy rich girl (of the Hilton hotel-chain family) and why had she become famous without benefit of any artistic accomplishment whatsoever? How had pop culture become so indiscriminate?
The answers are in this book. Hilton's predecessors were Andy Warhol consorts like Edie Sedgwick, Baby Jane Holzer, Ingrid Superstar and Ultra Violet. Many of them, like Hilton, were rebels from wealthy, high-society families. They were promiscuous druggies and vain narcissists. They couldn't sing or act but believed Warhol could make them stars."

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