Monday, December 15, 2003

Simple Life' is still good in Altus, Ark. 

STLtoday - Entertainment - TV & Radio: "'The Simple Life' is still good in Altus, Ark.

ALTUS, Ark. - Let's say you have a few hours to kill. And let's say you find yourself within driving range of Altus, the small rural town that serves as the backdrop for the hit reality series 'The Simple Life.'

A road trip becomes tough to resist.

So with resistance defeated, what exactly does one do when arriving at the spot where spoiled socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie spent last May filming their role-reversal roles?

Well, on this recent day, you simply turn onto Main Street and follow the two Labrador Retrievers loping down the middle of the road. Giving a new definition to the phrase 'guide dog,' they lead this out-of-towner straight to the Altus city hall building.

Out front, a sign advertises tourist information. Inside, Mayor Veronica Post offers a personal welcome and some insider information on the next episode of 'The Simple Life' (airing at 7:30 tonight on Fox 2.)

'It just so happens that it's the show where I'm featured,' says Post, a "

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