Monday, December 15, 2003

The Simple Life Is Crap 

AskMen.com - Simple Life hoax: "the simple life is crap

From the very first episode, I thought that FOX's hit reality show The Simple Life was rehearsed. We have Paris Hilton, who does nothing with her life, acting as though she doesn't know what Wal-Mart is. And then we have her equally airheaded friend, Nicole Richie, acting just as stupid: 'I've always heard that people hang out at Wal-Mart.'
Then the show attempts to prove just how useless these girls are by giving them blue-collar jobs. In a town of 817 people, word about the two rich brats gets around fast.
According to reports, the girls really are as useless as they let on:
They would walk into stores and take whatever they wanted and FOX execs would go in after them and pay for everything.
They hooked up with plenty of guys... what's half of 817?
They would insult the locals by talking about them to people on their cell phones. The locals heard everything they were saying.
They'd head to local bars and put on lesbian dance acts to attract guys, which didn't hold well with the local country gals. The guys were quite content though.
So it's no surprise that the girls who know nothing about the everyday world don't know how to live in one without upsetting everybody who crosses their path. "

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