Monday, December 15, 2003

Sex tape leads to change 

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Sex tape haunts heiress
Los Angeles - Paris Hilton says she's changed her clothes, outlook and friends since her sex tape scandal.
The 22-year-old withdrew from the party circuit after a film of her having sex with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon surfaced on the internet.
She spent the time with close friends and family and admits it gave her time to rethink her life.
Paris said: 'I've grown up a whole lot overnight. So maybe there is some good in even the bad. The way I treat people and whether or not I trust people - it has really changed me for the better.
'The people I associate with now are good people. I've been rethinking everything, but my head is on straight. I know what I want to accomplish in my life. Even the way I've dressed these days has changed.'
Hilton made a return to the spotlight when she appeared on Saturday Night Live in the US and starred in a raunchy sketch with comedian Jimmy Fallon.
She added: 'I wanted to show people I could deal with the situation and have them laugh with me and not at me.'"

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