Monday, December 15, 2003

The Secrets Behind: The Simple Life 

Star Magazine: The Secrets Behind: The Simple Life: "

PARIS HILTON'S new reality show, The Simple Life, (airing Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on Fox) purports to document what happens when two pampered princesses, Paris and her pal Nicole Richie, deprived of money and other luxuries, are plunked down in the middle of a small, 'simple,' Southern town to work blue-collar jobs. But this Star investigation reveals what you won't see:
The work was a lark:
'They were kind of pumping gas at the Exxon for one or maybe two days but they didn't do much,' says Chris Trotter, who works at the gas station/grocery store. 'They pumped a few cars, but just for the cameras. Fox offered $5 off a tank of gas to get a lot of people to come in [to the station] those days.'
They did have money:
'At first, they'd just take gum and candy and sodas from the store and then Fox would come in with a credit card to pay for everything,' says Trotter. But then, Jess Rowland, a local who met the girls while filming , says Paris borrowed $600 from him, noting, 'I haven't gotten it back yet.'
They fooled around with local guys:
'I heard Paris say that it was just innocent flirting, but I think it was a lot more than that,' insists Trotter. 'She hooked up with several guys.'
They enraged local girls:
'I couldn't believe the way those girls dressed; they looked like hookers!' says Altus resident Donna Eddy, who often saw them at a local bar. 'Every time they came in, they started dirty dancing with each other, and they exposed themselves as well. I know I saw Paris' butt at least five times, and other things were falling out too.'
Their local fans are few!:
'They'd come in here and get on their cell pho"

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