Friday, December 05, 2003

Paris Hilton Lesbian Video With Nicole Lenz Pops Up 

Some more coverage of the Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex Video, at least now we know Simon Rex is the third person involved in the Paris Hilton and Nicole Lenz lesbian sex video we mentioned the other day.

This Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex Video story was found on IMDB...

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's sex tape shame refuses to go away - a second video, in which she appears naked with a model pal, has reportedly surfaced. Producers of American scandal show Celebrity Justice claim to have unearthed information about a new sex film featuring a naked Paris Hilton and Playboy playmate Nicole Lenz playing with sex toys. The film, allegedly shot after Paris Hilton's 22nd birthday party at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in February, also reportedly features Scary Movie 3 star Simon Rex - who appears to be the cameraman. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton [the sex video star] is looking to go public so she can formally apologize to her family for embarrassing them by appearing in a sex tape. She is allegedly in negotiations to feature in a TV interview in America, in which she plans to talk candidly about her recent sex tape controversy and apologize for shaming her high-ranking family. The socialite hit the headlines earlier this month when footage of her having sex with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon leaked onto Internet sites

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