Monday, December 29, 2003

Paris Hilton essay - The Simple Life and the sex tape 

Paris Hilton essay - The Simple Life and the sex tape: "Analyzing the Paris Hilton sex tape/reality TV phenomenon
I used to hear about Paris Hilton fleetingly. She was at this premiere, or that event. Someone got a picture of her. But since she wasn�t actually in the industry, I never paid much attention. She didn�t act, she didn�t even model. She was just somebody�s daughter.
Now, of course, she�s the biggest news of anything.

I actually saw her sex video because a publicist e-mailed it to me. You�ve got to love an industry where passing around pornography is considered research. And it legitimately is, because I would be terribly uninformed if I hadn�t seen the Paris Hilton sex tape.
The two and a half minute clip the made it online was an interesting sociological phenomenon. Some people worried that it showed a form of date rape, that Hilton was too out of it to really be consenting to sexual intercourse. I didn�t find that to be the case at all. I think all rich people have sex in a daze, whether they�re on drugs, or just naturally out of it. They have no worries of responsibility, so why should they be aware of what their bodies are doing? "

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