Sunday, December 07, 2003

Paris Hilton, America's True Sweetheart By Dorothy Woodend 

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If pretty is as pretty does, then beautiful people have a lot to answer for. They've been up to some ugly business lately. They steal each other's mates on Temptation Island, eat cockroaches and pig guts on Fear Factor, and spit poison behind each other backs on 'America's Next Top Model.'

And we can't get enough of it.

We love to watch them betray their dark and venal hearts and display their moral vacuity as they sell their sleek skins for the almighty buck. Punishing the pretty is big sport, from Hunting Bambi, an apocryphal story about shooting bikini clad babes with paint pellets, to any number of modern horror movies like 'Scream,' 'Cabin Fever,' and 'Jeepers Creepers,' where they're dispatched by the dozen.

Witness the gleeful feeding frenzy over Paris Hilton, the Pamela Anderson for a new generation. The universal licking of chops at the undoing of the impossibly slender, fabulously blond, revoltingly rich heiress resulted in a worldwide epidemic of wet lips. Paris Hilton is a 'stupid, spoiled, superficial socialite who dresses like a high-class escort and, given the recently disclosed pornographic video she made with an ex-boyfriend, probably acts like one too,' or so says a recent profile of her in Rolling Stone Magazine. Hilton may have youth, beauty and money (an estimated inheritance of $30 million) but she is most famous for being fatuous. "


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