Thursday, December 18, 2003

Millionaire Playboy: Toys: PlayDoll of the Month 

Millionaire Playboy ™ : Toys: PlayDoll of the Month:

Photos by Lando da Pimp and a little help from Mr. Stinkhead
We've all heard about the Paris Hilton sex video that's been floating around the internet, we all want to see it to know what the fuss is about, however a lot of us know that not only is it not appropriate for work, it's immoral to pry into the lives of others. (People who believe that are not net savvy enough to find the video). Anyway, we can help you on the only have high-speed net access at work end. We've gotten one of our Playdoll of the Month model's to try and recreate some of the scenes from the video so that you can safely see, you're not missing much. We have to admit that this plastic doll isn't as flexible or willing as Ms. Hilton. But then again, not many real girls are either."

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