Sunday, December 14, 2003

Hilton Sex Tape Shot at Hyatt 

Hilton Sex Tape Shot at Hyatt: "Hilton Sex Tape Shot at Hyatt

SN - Adding to socialite Paris Hilton’s disgrace - following the release of a sex tape shot by former boyfriend Rick Salomon three years ago – The Sweatshop News has recently discovered that the “Paris Hilton Sex Tape” was shot at the Paris Hyatt. According to a Sweatshop audio analyst’s examination of the video’s C track, five minutes and thirty-two seconds into the film, a moaning Hilton blurts out, “Oh Rick, Hyatt beds are so comfortable.” Seconds later, Hilton looks into the camera and says, “I wish they left mints on the beds at Hilton hotels. They do at the Hyatt’s.”

Hilton spokesperson Marni Black said of the remarks, “People say crazy things in the throws of passion. People try to talk dirty or try to spice things up by going to dingy hotels like the Hyatt. We hope that when Paris shoots her next video she’ll do it in the comfort of a Hilton Hotel or, if she happens to be traveling on business, she’ll shoot it at the Hilton Embassy Suites, where she and whoever her partner is at the time can enjoy free happy hour from five to seven and a complimentary breakfast buffet, if they wake by ten-thirty the next morning.”

Throughout the scandal, Hilton’s parents have done their utmost to stand by their daughter’s side, blaming Salomon and the media for violating their daughter’s privacy. However, when told of the “Paris Hyatt Sex Tape,” Hilton’s father grew furious, slamming his fist on the table and shouting, “She is one night away from having enough Hilton Honors points to get a free room. What was she thinking? She is totally out of control right now.” Holding back tears, Hilton’s mother, Virginia Hilton, said, “The thought of her romping around on those sheets with the low thread count...I’m sorry...” Visibly br"

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