Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Paris Hilton Directed Her Own Video 

Webindia123.com: "Wonders will never cease! After being a hotel heiress, party girl, reality TV star, Paris Hilton is now set to become a porn director!
According to a report in Eonline, Paris Hilton's sexually explicit orders to her ex-boyfriend on their amateur sex tape could soon get an Internet porn purveyor off the hook.
Seattle-based Marvad Corp. has asked a federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday to dismiss a copyright-infringement lawsuit filed by Rick Salomon on the basis that Hilton's actions also gave her rights to the raunchy home movie.
Last November, Salomon sued the company after it distributed a bootleg clip of the video on its Website, www.sexbrat.com. Also named in the lawsuit was Salomon's former roommate, Don Thrasher, who is the alleged mastermind behind the stealing, copying and selling the smutty flick to Marvad without Salomon's permission."

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